sized private and owner-managed businesses.

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BlueCon - Management Consulting is a consulting and advisory firm.

Our specialist areas of services include:

Management consulting generally

Directorships and identification of board members

Mentoring and coaching of leaders and sales managers nationally and internationally

Strategy and innovation process facilitation

Sales and revenue optimization

Entrepreneurial support and coaching for improved survival and growth

In addition, we offer through strong partnerships, associations and networks in the industry - highly qualified management consultants, and specialists to solve tasks in medium and large private and public enterprises and in small and medium sized private and owner-managed businesses.

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All consultants, advisors and specialists in our network are executive managers with plenty of practical and managerial experience.

Our values are based on a thorough understanding of all relevant facts before a task begins. We evaluate subsequent solved tasks and work with a code of ethics that respects a high professional standard for the management consulting industry.

Contact person: Jorgen Johansen, director and owner

Address: Tulipanhaven 112, DK-2765 Smorum, Denmark

Call us at our office for more information: +45 4466 8813

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Skype ID: skype-bluecon

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